This is our standard starting point for everyone wanting to learn to sail further than in our taster sessions. Following this course you will be able to sail a course in light wind conditions under the supervision of someone more experienced.

If you don’t know your tacks from your splices or your jibes from your starboard’s then we can help you demystify sailing and get you on the right foot to start sailing. This course starts off assuming you have zero knowledge which is great even if you have tried sailing before as it will make sure you have all the base knowledge to get sailing.

During this course we aim to maximise water time, there is some theory associated with the syllabus, but we aim to teach this in an efficient manner.

Length of course 2 days (or equivalent)
Start and finish times See the individual course details
What’s included? Your RYA certificate, logbook, hot drinks, water
Previous experience required None
Certificates gained RYA Level 1 Start Sailing
Minimum age Anyone under the age of 18 years must have a Parental Consent form completed and signed by a parent/guardian – this
must be handed in to reception on arrival during registration, without this form participants will not be permitted to take part.
What next? The next progression is the RYA Level 2 course where you will learn the skills necessary to be an independent sailor in light winds.

Currently scheduled RYA Level 1 courses: