Better Sailing - RYA Level 3

The RYA Level 3 adult sailing course content includes, rigging and sail controls for weather and sea states, coming alongside pontoons, returning to shore, sailing more efficiently with the five essentials, tell tales, man overboard, rules of the road, more in-depth meteorology, some tasters into the next advanced modules which can be chosen by you.

During this course we aim to maximise water time, there is some theory associated with the syllabus but we aim to teach this in an efficient manner.
The course covers the following syllabus:

  • Section A – Practical
    • Rigging -Understands how to rig set up and sail controls to prepare the boat according to different weather conditions and sea states
    • Launching and Recovery
    • Can leave and return to a beach, jetty or mooring, including windward and leeward shore in simple conditions
    • Revision of Sailing Techniques and Manoeuvres
    • Practise and apply the following:
      • Adjusting the centre board according to point of sailing
      • Correct sail trim for different points of sailing
      • Using crew weight to influence the correct trim and balance of boat
      • Choosing the best route to sail depending on conditions
    • Development of Sailing Techniques and Manoeuvres
    • More efficient sailing developing a more skilful technique
    • Use of different classes of boat
    • Understands principle of ‘dry capsize’ and how to avoid capsize inversion
    • Use of tell tales
    • Leaving and returning to shore or to pontoons under different conditions
    • Further Sailing Techniques and Manoeuvres
      • Can recover a man overboard
      • Taster elements from the advanced modules that may be appropriate such as:
        • Has knowledge of basic spinnaker handling as crew or helm including hoist, drop
        • Can start and finish a simple race
  • Section B – Theory
    • Sailing Background
    • Sailing Theory and Background
      • Understands points of sailing
      • Understands the five essentials
      • Knows and can apply the following International Rules for the Prevention of Collision at Sea (IRPCS):
        • Meeting other sailing vessels
        • Meeting power driven vessels
        • Following or crossing narrow channels#
        • Action by stand-on vessel
      • Understands the simplified ISAF racing rules
      • Meteorology
        • Understands the Beaufort Wind Scale
        • Knows sources of information on weather for the day
        • Has an awareness of changing weather conditions


Length of course 2 days
Start and finish times 9am to 5pm with an hour lunch (not provided)
Previous experience required RYA Level 2 Start Sailing Course
You will need to bring Please bring a waterproof jacket, warm clothes and a hat if it’s cold; if it’s warm you will need sun screen, sunglasses, a hat and cool clothing. Whatever the weather you will also need a towel, footwear to wear on the water (old trainers etc), lunch and drinks.
Certificates gained RYA Level 3 Better Sailing
Minimum age Anyone under the age of 18 years must have a Parental Consent form completed and signed by a parent/guardian – this
must be handed in to reception on arrival during registration, without this form participants will not be permitted to take
What next? The next progressions could be to get to grips with Racing, progress your skills further on the Level 3 course or perhaps just join the club and get some water time in.