Basic Skills - RYA Level 2

Following on from our Level 1 course, the Level 2 Basic Skills course teaches you the skills you will need to become independent sailors in light winds. You will learn how to choose the correct course to sail, what factors we need to take into account to make the most of the sail and boat. It’s not all serious learning though as we will also be looking at sailing in some fun races, here you will begin to apply some of the theory we will learn in the classroom.
During this course we aim to maximise water time, there is some theory associated with the syllabus but we aim to teach this in an efficient manner.
The course covers the following syllabus:

  • Section A – Practical Skills
    • Rigging – How to take into account differing wind conditions
    • Ropework – revisit those Level 1 knots and add a few more to your repertoire
    • Sailing Techniques and Manoeuvres – At level 1 we learnt how to get somewhere; on our Level 2 course we will look at getting there quicker, in more style and more efficiently. We will also explore methods for getting back to shore in a variety of wind conditions.
    • Launching and Recovery – How to get your boat in an out of the water safely whilst protecting you, your crew and your boat.
    • Capsize – We learnt how to do it at Level 1 but we will actually practise it on this course, it’s nothing to worry about though.
    • Racing – Here’s where we increase the fun levels with a look at starting a race, simple tactics and how to complete the race quicker than anyone else.
  • Section B – Theory
    • Sailing Background – Now that we are aiming to be independent sailors we need to know a bit more than at level 1, how a sail works, the effect of the wind and safety afloat.
    • Clothing and Equipment – What to wear whilst on the water
    • Meteorology – Learn to understand what the wind is doing, the problems associated with the wind and where to find this information
    • Emergency Equipment and Precautions – How to attract help and what we can do to help.
Length of course 2 days
Start and finish time 9am to 5pm with an hour lunch (not provided)
Previous experience required RYA Level 1 Start Sailing Course
You will need to bring Please bring a waterproof jacket, warm clothes and a hat if it’s cold; if it’s warm you will need sun screen, sunglasses, a hat and cool clothing. Whatever the weather you will also need a towel, footwear to wear on the water (old trainers etc), lunch and drinks.
Certificates gained RYA Level 2 Basic Skills
Minimum age Anyone under the age of 18 years must have a Parental Consent form completed and signed by a parent/guardian – this must be handed in to reception on arrival during registration, without this form participants will not be permitted to take part.
What next? The next progressions could be to get to grips with Racing, progress your skills further on the Level 3 course or perhaps just join the club and get some water time in.

RYA Basic Skills (Level 2)

  • Sun, Jul 28th (09:00 – 17:00)
  • Sun, Aug 4th (09:00 – 17:00)

Spaces left: 3

RYA Basic Skills (Level 2)

  • Sun, Oct 13th (09:00 – 17:00)
  • Sun, Oct 20th (09:00 – 17:00)

Spaces left: 8